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Cougar Hunting Vancouver Island

Cougars are fairly common on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and to be able watch one as he is hunting is an experience in itself.

A cougar peers over the rock cliff as he stalks his prey preparing to pounce and when he is withing striking distance, his hunting excursion will be complete. The hunting skills of a cougar are very precise and to be able to watch a cougar while ...
Moose Feeding Ontario

As a moose spends his time feeding in a lake in Ontario, Canada, he keeps an eye open to make sure that we do not make any sudden moves.

Wandering into a lake and feeding just below the surface of the water is where a moose finds some of his best nourishment. We found this moose feeding near the shores of a swampy lake in Ontario, Canada and he is sure to keep one eye on us and th ...
Frozen Tundra Churchill

A Polar Bear strolls across the frozen, snow covered tundra in Churchill, Manitoba always on alert for any unusual activity.

A large Polar Bear glances to the side for the ideal photo opportunity as he slowly makes his way across the frozen tundra in Churchill, Manitoba. Polar Bear tours on large tundra vehicles are available that take you across the frozen landscape t ...
White Wolf

The white fur of this Arctic Wolf is not very good camouflage in the summer months in Alaska, USA.

This beautiful white colored animal known as an Arctic Wolf cools off under a tree to get out of the summer sun in Alaska, USA. The Arctic Wolf can survive and handle the extremely cold Arctic winters which it prefers to some of the long, warm af ...
Face Shot Grizzly Bear

The massive fur of this Grizzly Bear almost fills up the whole shot taken of his face in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA.

This close up shot of the face of a grizzly bear in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA makes one realize how beautiful these animals are. These dark brown eyes are not ones you want to be staring back in if you encounter a Grizzly Bear in Denali ...
Alaska Caribou

A herd of caribou follow one another across the arctic tundra of Alaska, USA as the sun reflects off the landscape blanketed by snow.

Standing from a hillside and looking down across the snow covered landscape of Alaska in the USA, a herd of caribou form a single line as they trek across the area under sunny skies. Caribou are well adapted to the winter conditions of Alaska and ...
Sleepy Bear Churchill

A sleepy looking Polar Bear decides to lay down on an ice mound in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

A Polar Bear decides that he is rather sleepy and rests on the remains of the ice that covers the landscape in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada. This sleepy bear gives us the opportune time to snap some pictures but one should always be aware that a ...
Moose Pond Ontario

A moose wanders into a pond up to his belly in search of food as he scans the Ontario landscape for any signs of danger.

A moose loves to cool off on hot days in Ontario, Canada in a pond or a lake for a quick dip or sometimes for a few hours at a time. Even though a moose is a large animal, it is a extremely strong swimmer that can dive over five meters in search ...
Bull Moose

A large bull moose with a full set of antlers wanders freely amongst the colorful autumn landscape in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA.

Denali National Park in Alaska, USA is an array of stunning colours as Autumn is well underway and it is a much quieter time of year to see a beautiful bull moose roaming across the landscape. This bull moose displays a full grown sets of antlers ...
Cow Moose

A cow moose and her two calves wander near the edge of Tuckamore Pond in Main Brook on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, Canada.

Wilderness is at its best in Main Brook, Newfoundland when you can watch a cow moose and her two calves wander freely throughout the wilderness. The cow must teach her youngsters the pros and cons of the wild and how to survive by themselves when ...
Polar Bear Trio Manitoba

A Polar Bear trio decided to make their way into Churchill, Manitoba to see what they can find by this building.

When wandering around the town of Churchill, Manitoba do not be surprised if you cross paths with a Polar Bear or two as there are times that these bears are in search for food in town. This trio peacefully checks out the area around this buildin ...
Newfoundland Moose

A moose roaming around one's property in Lunaire-Griquet in Newfoundland, Canada is a common sight to see.

This small town on the Great Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland, Canada has lots of moose that roam throughout the town. Driving along these roads you will see moose grazing so one must always be on alert when traveling through Lunaire-Griquet, i ...
Salmon Fishing Alaska

Watching a brown bear fishing for salmon as they leap up a waterfall in Katmai National Park in Alaska, USA is a fascinating sight to see.

A brown bear at the top of the falls in Katmai National Park in Alaska, USA waits patiently for a salmon to be in the right place while he is fishing for his next meal. During the salmon run, brown bears will fight over who gets the prime fishing ...
Caribou Road Denali National Park

These two caribou check out the surrounding scenery as they stand on a gravel road in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA

The changing colors of the fur of the caribou is very prominent on these two as they explore their area from a gravel road in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA. The greyish white colour of one caribou is almost ready for winter as his friend ha ...
Cougar Mountain Lion Vancouver Island

As this cougar or mountain lion peers from behind the trees on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada we get the ideal opportunity to snap his picture.

The cougar, also known as a mountain lion or puma, lives in the wild on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and is the largest cat found in this Province. The cougar does not like being in contact with people and he was well aware of the fact that we were around the are ...
Rangifer Tarandus Reindeer

This Rangifer tarandus reindeer also known as a Caribou enjoys the spring time grazing in the North Slope of Alaska.

A Rangifer tarandus reindeer has a large open field to graze upon in the North Slope of Alaska as spring brings fresh new growth to the area. The antlers on the reindeer are taking shape and his winter colors slowly disappear as the darker coat b ...
Cougar Alert Vancouver Island

A cougar on full alert as he slowly makes his way over a huge rock to see what lurks on the other side on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

A cougar is always on alert but even more so as he spots us and the camera as he lurks over a massive rock in the wilderness of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The cougar is not sure yet if we pose any harm but one should always be on high alert when hiking through ...
Polar Bears fighting Churchill

Two Polar Bears will spar to see who wins the war on the cold tundra in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

Whether these two Polar Bears are in the midst of a real war or whether they are just having a friendly wrestle is yet to be seen. When Polar Bears are playing it is a delight to watch but if a fierce war is happening the outcome is not a pretty ...
Caribou Stags

Full sets of antlers sit high upon the heads of these two Caribou stags in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA.

Two caribou stags graze in the autumn colored field in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA. As winter approaches, stags have a full rack of antlers and their fur begins to turn a greyish white colour to prepare for the upcoming season.Caribou sta ...
Cute Black Bear Photo

A black bear cub is as a cute as a button as he hangs in a tree in British Columbia, Canada.

Waiting patiently for the return of its mother, a cute baby black bear climbs up a tree to stay out of harms way in British Columbia, Canada. A mother will teach its baby to climb when it is very young as it is one of the safest places a black be ...
Moose Head Ontario

A moose has his head above water as he skims the surface of the lake for food in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.

This moose is peacefully feeding in a lake in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada as we snap his picture. To see just the massive head of a moose in a lake is a strange sight but very common in the summer as they feed on the water plants ...
Wild Cougar Vancouver Island

A wild cougar picks the right moment to pounce on its prey in the wilderness on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Watching a wild cougar in action is amazing but not all people like to get this close to a cougar stalking its prey. The Northern end of Vancouver Island in British Columbia is surrounded by wilderness and a wild cougar can be spotted behind any rock or tree in the mountain areas ...
Cougar Vancouver Island

A cougar preparing to pounce on its prey on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

On Vancouver Island, British Columbia we spotted this cougar and watched him in action as he kept a close eye on his prey, waiting for the right moment to pounce. A cougar will get to within thirty feet of its prey and once caught will feed on what he needs and then hide the rest ...
Moose Bull

A Moose Bull surrounded by the autumn colours in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA.

A Moose Bull journeys through the beautiful colored forest in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA with his large antlers on display. The set of antlers on this moose has taken about three to five months to grow and will soon be dropped as winter ...
Arctic Wolf

An Arctic Wolf in his natural environment explores the area around him before moving on.

The Arctic Wolf is a beautiful animal and as an adult usually stands around three feet tall and weighs about 175 pounds. They vary in color from white, red, gray and black and can be found across North America and Greenland. Encounters with human ...
Cute Coyote Pups

Twin Coyote Pups frolic in the grass during spring in Canada.

Coyote Puppies playing, Canada, North America, Canis Latrans.
Vancouver Island Marmot

From behind the rocks, a marmot peeks out to investigate the area on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

This particular species of marmot which is known as the Vancouver Island Marmot, is extremely rare and considered to be the most endangered animal throughout the world. The Vancouver Island Marmot has variations in coloring, vocalizations and hab ...
Cute Beaver

A cute beaver has a snack from a leafy branch that floats on the surface of the water.

The beaver is the largest rodent found in North America and is very common throughout Canada and the United States. The beaver works very hard building dams and homes and even this cute little beaver needs to rest and have some leafy branches to ...
Photo Of A Moose Stag

The antlers of a moose stag begin growing in the spring and dropp off in the winter to conserve energy.

The scientifc name for moose is Alces alces. A Moose Stag with impressive antlers in Canada.
Polar Bears Nunavut

Polar Bear family along the Nunavut coastline.

Polar Bear mom with two cubs walking over the ice along the Nunavut coastline. Polar Bears, Icefloe, Nunavut, Ursus maritimus Please make sure to see our photo gallery Canada animals with more creatures from Canada and more polar bear pictures.
Mountain Lion In British Columbia

A graceful mountain lion demonstrating predominance in British Columbia, Canada.

A proud cougar, mountain lion, Puma, British Columbia, Canada.
Lake Moose Ontario

Big moose in beautiful landscape with lake in Canada, North America.

A Moose standing on the banks of a lake in Ontario, Canada, North America.
Caribou Reindeer Antlers

A curious caribou also called reindeer, or scientific Rangifer tarandus in the Northwest Territories, Canada, North America.

An antlered caribou, Rangifer tarandus, reindeer, Canada, North America. Arctic Northwest Territories
Canadian Wildlife Moose

Large moose can be best seen in the Yukon

Large canadian Moose with a big stag and fall colours in the background in the Yukon.

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