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Board Walk Newfoundland

A long board walk amongst the marshlands takes you to the thrombolites in Flower's Cove on the Great Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland Labrador, Canada.

Flower's Cove is a small town in Newfoundland Labrador, Canada that has a long board walk that leads you to the thrombolites. The thrombolites are living rocks that are from the prehistoric era that cover the landscape along the coastline of Flower's Cove.

Boardwalk to the Thrombolites in Flower's Cove along Highway 430 on the Northern Peninsula, Great Northern Peninsula, Viking Trail, Trails to the Vikings, Newfoundland Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada.

Board Walk Newfoundland
Photo: Board Walk Newfoundland
Picture of the wooden board walk in Flower's Cove, Newfoundland on the way to the thrombolites.

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