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Casino Orillia Ontario

A limousine sits outside the casino in Orillia, Ontario waiting for passengers that will come out with either smiles from winning or frowns from losing.

Rent a limousine and spend the afternoon at the Indian Casino in Orillia, Ontario where you can gamble, dine in a variety of restaurants, watch some amazing entertainment or rent a room for the night in the luxury hotel. The exterior walls of the casino are adorned with beautifully painted native artwork and that is just the beginning to the elegance of the interior of the casino.

A limousine outside the Indian casino in Orillia, Ontario, Canada, North America.

Casino Orillia Ontario
Photo: Casino Orillia Ontario
Picture of the exterior walls of the Indian casino in Orillia, Ontario with a white limousine parked out front.

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Casino Orillia Ontario Photo & Travel Destination

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