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Cowgirl Calgary Stampede Parade

A cowgirl and her dogs are an attraction of the Calgary Stampede Parade in Alberta, Canada as they ride in their horse drawn carriage.

The Calgary Stampede Parade in Calgary, Alberta is a huge event every year and a cowgirl and her two dogs in a horse drawn carriage are one of the attractions in the parade. Hundreds of entrants take part in the parade which is a great way to kick off the Stampede where thousands of cowgirls and cowboys spend their time every year.

Calgary Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, North America

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Cowgirl Calgary Stampede Parade
Photo: Cowgirl Calgary Stampede Parade
Picture of a cowgirl and her two dogs riding along in the Calgary Stampede Parade in Alberta.

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Cowgirl Calgary Stampede Parade Photo & Travel Destination

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