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Fall Leaf Display Sand River Waterfall

A Fall colored leaf display lays atop the large boulders alongside the Sand River in Ontario, Canada as a waterfall cascades around them.

Starting upstream, a waterfall makes its way downstream crashing over the many rock ledges which creates a magnificent display of water as the forest above shows off its various Fall colors. Each leaf which spirals from the trees, decorating the banks of the Sand River during Fall, will either land in the rushing water or lay to rest on the large boulders.

On this rock, the leaf display consists of red, yellow and green colours which may soon be washed down river if a wind picks up through the valley where the Sand River rages.

Fall leaves beside a waterfall along the Sand River, Pinguisibi Trail, Lake Superior, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Great Lakes, Ontario, Canada.

Fall Leaf Display Sand River Waterfall
Photo: Fall Leaf Display Sand River Waterfall
Picture of a Fall leaf display alongside a large waterfall along the Sand River in Ontario.

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