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Fireweed Yukon Territories

Fireweed is scattered throughout the landscape of the Yukon Territories after a forest fire raged through this area.

Fireweed flowers are usually the first presence of growth after a forest fire has destroyed the landscape and this particular area was in the Yukon Territories where fireweed is fairly common. These pretty pink flowers blossom amongst the burnt trees and logs as they thrive in areas where no other plants grow. If you cross a large patch of Fireweed in the Yukon, you know that it was not long ago that a forest fire ate up the greenery.

Fireweed, Epilobium angustifolium, forest fire, Yukon Territory, Canada, North America

Fireweed Yukon Territories
Photo: Fireweed Yukon Territories
Picture of the radiant pink flowers of the fireweed in the Yukon Territories in Canada.

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