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Food Preparation Gourmet Chef

Preparation of each meal is elegantly displayed as this Gourmet Chef makes each guests plate of food at a Southern Labrador fishing lodge.

Food preparation is a very important part of being a Gourmet Chef but the true test that a chef must pass is that is tastes even better than it looks. This meal consists of lobster tail, beef, vegetables and a sauce that tastes incredible. This gourmet chef prepares meals at an exquisite fishing lodge in Southern Labrador and knows how to please the guests.

Chef Nancy Elliot preparing a gourmet meal of Surf'n Turf at the Rifflin'Hitch Lodge back dropped by the Eagle River in Southern Labrador, Labrador, Canada. Model Released.

Food Preparation Gourmet Chef
Photo: Food Preparation Gourmet Chef
Picture of the food preparation done by a Gourmet Chef at a fishing lodge in Southern Labrador.

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