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Fredericton City Hall New Brunswick Historic Building

Under thin clouds spanning the sky above Fredericton, New Brunswick, the historic building known as old City Hall shows of its beautiful architecture.

A historic building, once home to City Hall, was erected on Phoenix Square in 1876 in Fredericton, New Brunswick and has been declared a National Historic Site. Atop the old City Hall building is a clock tower adorned with large copper hands which tick to make the chimes ring through the downtown core of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Over the years, this historic building has housed the city office, council chamber, magistrate's office, jail, farmers market and opera house. Renovations have been done at various times throughout the years, but the old City Hall still shines in history in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Public tours through the Council Chambers are available every day from the middle of May through to the middle of October. Inside the building, tapestries of Fredericton's history and portraits of two great men for whom the city was named for are on display.

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Fredericton City Hall New Brunswick Historic Building
Photo: Fredericton City Hall New Brunswick Historic Building
Picture of the historic building which housed City Hall in the downtown area of the City of Fredericton, New Brunswick.


City Hall Building, National Historic Site, in downtown Fredericton, River Valley Scenic Drive, Highway 2, New Brunswick, Canada.

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