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Gare Du Palais Quebec City Canada

The Gare du Palais which means "Palace Station" is a train and bus station located in Quebec City, Canada.

The historic building that houses the Gare du Palais in Quebec City, Canada sees a steady stream of travelers coming and going from the bus and train station. Train service stopped between 1976 and 1985 making the Gare du Palais a much quieter place. Today you can watch the people come and go, some in a hurry while others take their time and sit by the fountain outside the Gare du Palais.

Gare du Palais, Train Station, and fountain in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Gare Du Palais Quebec City Canada
Photo: Gare Du Palais Quebec City Canada
Picture of the Gare du Palais, the train and bus station in Quebec City, Canada.

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