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Mushrooms Picture

An interesting picture of a group of mushrooms growing along a trail beside the MacIntosh Brook in Cape Breton Highlands Park in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Along the Cabot Trail beside a small brook known as the MacIntosh Brook in Cape Breton Highlands Park in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, a colorful display of mushrooms flourish. Mushrooms thrive in the damp ground around the base of trees in this park and the orange/reddish colors of these mushrooms makes for a unique picture.

Orange/Red mushrooms growing at the base of a tree along the trail beside the MacIntosh Brook, Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Mushrooms Picture
Photo: Mushrooms Picture
Picture of brightly colored mushrooms growing amongst the forest floor along the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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