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New Brunswick Swallowtail Lighthouse

Along the coastline of Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick, Canada, Swallowtail Lighthouse sits upon the landscape overlooking the vast waters of the Bay of Fundy.

The Swallowtail Lighthouse is a unique place to stop and explore on your drive along the Fundy Coastal Drive in New Brunswick, Canada. The lighthouse that overlooks the Bay of Fundy was once home to two lighthouse keepers and their families as they kept this lighthouse on a regular working routine. The Swallowtail Lighthouse is now a Bed and Breakfast where tourists can rest overnight and listen to the peacefulness of the water slapping against the coastline of New Brunswick before falling into a deep slumber.

Swallowtail Lighthouse, North Head, Grand Manan Island, Grand Manan, Bay of Fundy, The Fundy Isles, Fundy Coastal Drive, Route 776, New Brunswick, Canada.

New Brunswick Swallowtail Lighthouse
Photo: New Brunswick Swallowtail Lighthouse
Picture of the Swallowtail Lighthouse that sits along the landscape on the Fundy Coastal Drive in New Brunswick, Canada.

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