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Picturesque Sunset Peggys Cove Lighthouse Nova Scotia

The picturesque scenery of the coastline of Nova Scotia, Canada at sunset where Canada's most photographed lighthouse stands on the point at Peggy's Cove.

Since 1915, the current tower, home to the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove in St. Margaret's Bay in Nova Scotia, has watched over the rugged coastline where the Atlantic Ocean shows its fury. On this quiet day, the waves gently lap against the rocks as the sunset lighting glistens off the surface of the water.

A wooden tower placed on the smooth granite rocks at this point in 1868 was built atop the lightkeeper's residence but the current lighthouse replaced it, 50 feet west from the original location. Today, Peggy's Cove Lighthouse still flashes over this rocky coastline to aid mariners in their travels, but the lightkeeper was banished and the light became automated in 1958.

A majority of travelers to Nova Scotia, Canada will stop to see this popular lighthouse and the picturesque scenery of the coastline. Sunset is one of the prettiest times of day, especially when the sky is cloudless and the various sunset hues blanket the horizon, a place people often refer to as being magical.

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Picturesque Sunset Peggys Cove Lighthouse Nova Scotia
Photo: Picturesque Sunset Peggys Cove Lighthouse Nova Scotia
Picture of the picturesque scenery of Peggy's Cove Lighthouse in St. Margarets Bay in Nova Scotia at sunset.


Peggy's Cove Lighthouse at sunset, Peggy's Cove, St Margarets Bay, Lighthouse Route, Highway 333, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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