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Quirpon Harbour Icebergs Newfoundland

Quirpon Harbour in Newfoundland, Canada is the ideal place to sit along the shore and watch icebergs and pack ice float aimlessly in the Atlantic Ocean.

A man and woman relax on a large boulder on the shores of the town of Quirpon, Newfoundland watching large icebergs pass by in the distance as pack ice moves into the harbour. Once this pack ice blocks the harbour of Quirpon, boats remain docked for a month or two waiting for the ice to thaw and clear the harbour.

Man and woman iceberg watching from the shore in the town of Quirpon with pack ice in the harbour, Trails to the Vikings, Viking Trail, Great Northern Peninsula, Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada. Model Released.

Quirpon Harbour Icebergs Newfoundland
Photo: Quirpon Harbour Icebergs Newfoundland
Photo of a couple watching icebergs and pack ice from a boulder in Quirpon Harbour in Newfoundland, Canada.

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