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Red Sandstone Alberta

Large boulders which are actually sandstone concretions sit across the landscape in Red Rock Coulee National Area in Alberta, Canada.

The Red Rock Coulee Natural Area in Alberta, Canada is a step back into time where boulders such as these are made from sandstone and were created in prehistoric seas. These reddish colored rocks started out as something simple like a leaf, shell or bone and layers of sand, calcite and iron oxide began to form around them. Over the years, large red sandstone creations have been made.

Large Boulders which are sandstone concretions formed in prehistoric seas seen in the Red Rock Coulee Natural Area situated 65 km southwest of Medicine Hat on Highway 887, Alberta, Canada.

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Red Sandstone Alberta
Photo: Red Sandstone Alberta
Picture of a large sandstone concretion in Red Rock Coulee Natural Area in Alberta, Canada.

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