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Caribou Road Denali National Park

These two caribou check out the surrounding scenery as they stand on a gravel road in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA

The changing colors of the fur of the caribou is very prominent on these two as they explore their area from a gravel road in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA. The greyish white colour of one caribou is almost ready for winter as his friend ha ...
Caribou Stag Denali National Park

A caribou stag or reindeer jaunting through the autumn colored field in Denali National Park in Alaska.

This caribou stag has a full grown set of antlers as he explores the wilderness of Denali National Park in Alaska, USA. When touring in Denali National Park not only will you cross paths with Caribou but you may also run into grizzly bears, wolve ...
Rangifer Tarandus Reindeer

This Rangifer tarandus reindeer also known as a Caribou enjoys the spring time grazing in the North Slope of Alaska.

A Rangifer tarandus reindeer has a large open field to graze upon in the North Slope of Alaska as spring brings fresh new growth to the area. The antlers on the reindeer are taking shape and his winter colors slowly disappear as the darker coat b ...
Caribou Family

A baby Caribou and a male Caribou are part of a family wandering through the wilderness in a lush green field.

A male Caribou takes care of the snow white colored baby as they make their way across a grass field after grazing on the greenery. As winter nears, the coat of the male Caribou changes to white as he sports a full rack of antlers and the baby is ...
Caribou Reindeer Antlers

A curious caribou also called reindeer, or scientific Rangifer tarandus in the Northwest Territories, Canada, North America.

An antlered caribou, Rangifer tarandus, reindeer, Canada, North America. Arctic Northwest Territories
Rangifer Tarandus Pictures

Picture of a running caribou, Rangifer tarandus, Reindeer, Canada, North America.

Caribou, Rangifer tarandus, Reindeer, Canada, North America.
Male Caribou Alaska

A male caribou in Denali National Park in Alaska shows off his full set of antlers for the camera.

A male Caribou stands upon the autumn colored hillside in Denali National Park in Alaska with a full set of antlers ready for rutting season. This is the prime time of the year in which the male caribou fight between each other over a female.Cari ...
Caribou Stags

Full sets of antlers sit high upon the heads of these two Caribou stags in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA.

Two caribou stags graze in the autumn colored field in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA. As winter approaches, stags have a full rack of antlers and their fur begins to turn a greyish white colour to prepare for the upcoming season.Caribou sta ...
Caribou Grazing Alaska

A caribou spends as much time as possible grazing on the North Slope of Alaska before the chilly climate of winter approaches.

Large antlers sit atop this male Caribou in the landscape of the North Slope of Alaska as he spends his time grazing before the winter season arrives. The coat of the caribou is a patchy coloring which is another part of the changes that a caribo ...
Caribou Stag Marshlands Southern Labrador

A caribou running freely amongst the marshlands of Southern Labrador in Newfoundland Labrador, Canada as summer begins to near its end.

A caribou stag sporting a half set of antlers as his coat changes to a white coloring as summer comes to an end in the marshlands around Southern Labrador, Canada. As we fly overhead of this caribou stag, the noise from the heliopter spooks him a ...
Denali National Park Male Caribou Animal

A male Caribou makes his way across the landscape of Denali National Park in Alaska, USA enjoying his freedom.

At close range this male Caribou wanders across the landscape of Denali National Park in Alaska, Canada giving us an excellent view of the different hues covering his fur and his large rack of antlers. As winter approaches Denali National Park, t ...
Alaska Caribou

A herd of caribou follow one another across the arctic tundra of Alaska, USA as the sun reflects off the landscape blanketed by snow.

Standing from a hillside and looking down across the snow covered landscape of Alaska in the USA, a herd of caribou form a single line as they trek across the area under sunny skies. Caribou are well adapted to the winter conditions of Alaska and ...
Male Caribou Picture

An aerial view of a male caribou running amongst the bogs in Southern Labrador, Canada giving us the perfect opportunity to take a picture.

In the wilderness of Southern Labrador, you should always be prepared to take a picture of wildlife as you never know when and where they may appear. When you find the ideal aerial view of the marshlands of Southern Labrador, sit back and watch f ...
Free Running Caribou Alaska USA

A caribou in Denali National Park running free across the green pastures in the wilderness park in Alaska, USA.

As the fall season nears its end in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA, a caribou spends some of its day running free in the wilderness. Soon their coat will begin to change colors and his large set of antlers will fall off in preparation for ...
Caribou Stew Food Preparation Gourmet Chef

Food preparation is taken very seriously by a gourmet chef along with the presentation when served such as this delicious looking bowl of Caribou Stew.

Caribou stew can be prepared in a variety of different ways but how the food preparation is done by a gourmet chef at the Rifflin'Hitch Lodge in Southern Labrador, is exceptional. A large soup bowl is used, filled with a caribou stew and baked in ...
Food picture Caribou Tenderloin Entree Picture

An entree of freshly cooked Caribou Tenderloin on a special gourmet sauce which has been cooked to perfection by a gourmet chef.

Food preparation for this mouth watering entree of Caribou Tenderloin takes some time and practice to ensure its perfection. A gourmet chef at the Rifflin'Hitch Lodge in Southern Labrador has prepared this meal numerous times for the guests.This ...

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