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Andover Bridge Saint John River New Brunswick

The Andover Bridge spans the Saint John River creating a transportation route for people traveling between the villages of Perth-Andover, New Brunswick.

Perth-Andover is two communities in one Canadian village located in New Brunswick, Canada which is separated by the Saint John River but either is easily reached by using the Andover Brige. Perth is situated on the east bank of the river and Ando ...
New Brunswick Hartland Covered Bridge Saint John River

Through the trees along the River Valley Scenic Drive in New Brunswick, Canada, there is a good place to view the Hartland Covered Bridge which crosses the Saint John River.

The Hartland Covered Bridge in New Brunswick, Canada is the longest covered bridge in the world and has been open since July 4th, 1901. Crossing the Saint John River was very difficult in earlier years and the residents on both sides joined force ...
Longest Covered Bridge Hartland New Brunswick

This bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada is the longest covered bridge found throughout the world and is used to for crossings over the Saint John River.

Spanning the Saint John River in New Brunswick, Canada, the Hartland covered Bridge was first opened in July, 1901 and was covered in 1921 becoming the longest one of its kind. The Hartland covered bridge is still regularly used but it only conta ...
Hartland Covered Bridge New Brunswick

The Hartland Covered Bridge in Hartland, along the Saint John river, New Brunswick is a historic landmark that opened in 1901 to make travel easier across the river.

Residents on either side of the Saint John River joined forces back in 1901 and had the Hartland Covered Bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick officially opened. This wooden bridge is the longest covered bridge in the world and has made transportatio ...

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