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Andover Bridge Saint John River New Brunswick

The Andover Bridge spans the Saint John River creating a transportation route for people traveling between the villages of Perth-Andover, New Brunswick.

Perth-Andover is two communities in one Canadian village located in New Brunswick, Canada which is separated by the Saint John River but either is easily reached by using the Andover Brige. Perth is situated on the east bank of the river and Andover on the west, only becoming one community since 1966.

Before the Andover Bridge was constructed, the New Brunswick Railway had a track which connected Perth and Andover. With various changes being made over the years, the railway was destroyed in April of 1987. An ice jam on the Saint John River increased the water level to an uncontrollable height making residents leave their homes and the destruction of the railway.

The Andover Bridge is one way across the Saint John River, but many visitors to New Brunswick prefer to take the world's longest covered bridge, one which was built in 1901.

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Andover Bridge Saint John River New Brunswick
Photo: Andover Bridge Saint John River New Brunswick
Picture of the Andover Bridge crossing the Saint John River joining the communities of Perth-Andover in New Brunswick.


Andover Bridge, Saint John River, Hartland, River Valley Scenic Drive, Highway 2, New Brunswick, Canada.

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