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Autumn Leaves Scenic Waterfall

A grouping of autumn coloured leaves in shades of red and yellow sit on the rocky banks of a waterfall found along the scenic Sand River in Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.

The wilderness parks of Ontario are great places to visit during the autumn months when the leaves of the trees are bursting with colour along scenic trails or beside rivers such as the Sand River and a waterfall along the Pinguisibi Trail. Fall ...
Pictographs Agawa Rock Lake Superior Provincial Park

A large rock face called Agawa Rock, has a story tell in the form of red pictographs. Agawa Rock is situated in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada and is a popular tourist location.

A popular place for those interested in history, Agawa Rock features one of the largest collections of Indian pictographs in Ontario. Agawa Rock can be found in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario. Pictographs on Agawa Rock, Agawa Rock Pictographs ...
Footprints Sandy Beach Pancake Bay Ontario

The soft, warm sand along the beach at Pancake Bay bears the evidence of a recent visitor to the shores of Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada. This sandy beach is found in the Pancake Bay Provincial Park.

Waves from Lake Superior lap at the sandy beach of Pancake Bay Provincial Park in Ontario. Under the cover of a pure blue sky and fringed by thick forest, the beach features lines from the water and the footprints of a visitor. Footprints in the ...
Fog Shrouded Lake Superior Forest Ontario

The lush green forest fringing Lake Superior appears to keep the fog confined to the water surface. This picture of Lake Superior in Ontario shows the tops of forest clad islands and a portion of the forest surrounding the fog shrouded lake.

Lake Superior shrouded by fog near Lizard Island, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.
Island Forest Lake Superior Ontario

A tiny forest clad island sits like an oasis in the cool blue waters of Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada. The island appears to emerge from the depths of the lake on angled slabs of rock.

Surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada, a small island is furnished by a lush forest. Aerial view of small rocky Islands with a clear view through the water to the rocks below in Lake Superior during a flight ...
Kaministiquia River Waterfall Aerial Ontario

An impressive aerial view of the Kaministiquia River and Kakabeka Falls waterfall in Ontario, Canada. The Waterfall is situated in the Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park near Thunder Bay.

The Kaministiquia River was one of the most important water routes for Canadian fur traders wanting to travel to western Canada from the Great Lakes. Imagine paddling up stream then coming across Kakabeka Falls - the largest falls in the Lake Superior ...
Aguasabon Falls Terrace Bay

A torrent of water plunges over the rocks of Aguasabon Falls near Terrace Bay in Ontario, Canada then squeezes through the Aguasabon Gorge enroute to Lake Superior. The river passes over bedrock some 2.6 billion years old.

Though access to the Aguasabon Falls is available year round, the best time to see them is during a spring flood such as in this picture. The falls are located right in Terrace Bay which is situated on the shores of Lake Superior, Ontario, Canada. Aguasabon ...
Kakabeka Falls Waterfall Spring Flood

A week or more of heavy rain during spring in the Thunder Bay region of Ontario, Canada makes for a torrent of water at Kakabeka Falls. Kakabeka Falls in the Provincial Park of the same name, was at near full capacity during a spring flood.

Kakabeka Falls (aka Niagara of the North) along the Kaministiquia River during a spring flood, Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Sand River Waterfall Great Lakes Ontario

Cascading over jagged rocks, the Sand River features a series of waterfalls along its path. The waterfall or series of three waterfalls is situated in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.

Waterfall along the Sand River, Pinguisibi Trail, in Lake Superior Provincial Park, Great Lakes, Ontario, Canada.

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