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American Black Bears Ursus Americanus Sow And Cub

A cute American Black Bear cub stays close to its mother, the sow, while grazing on the lush grasses in Riding Mountain National Park. The scientific name for the Black bear is Ursus americanus.

An oasis in the middle of the prairie landscape of Manitoba, Riding Mountain National Park is a mecca for wildlife, nature, and scenery. As well as being home to numerous species of mammals such as moose, lynx, wolves, coyotes, and elk, the park ...
Red Lake Ontario Wildlife Black Bear

A common wildlife species to see around the wilderness near the town of Red Lake in Ontario, Canada is a Black Bear.

Wildlife is plentiful around the town of Red Lake, Ontario, especially on the outskirts where tall, green grass grows making it the perfect place for grazing for many types of animals. This adult Black Bear was busily munching on the grass, which ...
Adult Female Black Bear Back Scratching Riding Mountain National Park

An adult female Black Bear takes some time out for scratching her back on a tree in Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Canada.

Standing on her hind feet, an adult female Black Bear takes pleasure in scratching her back on one of the smaller trees in Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Canada. The Black Bear can stand on its hind legs for a long period of time whil ...
Climbing Black Bear Ontario Canada

Climbing a tree is a place where a baby Black Bear can remain safe while its mother in searching for food in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada.

Climbing a tree is something that a Black Bear Cub learns at a very early age as this is how they stay out of danger while the mother is off searching for meals. The Black Bear hangs onto the tree by his front paws as he looks above the greenery ...
Cute Baby Black Bear picture

The cute face of a baby Black Bear peers around the tall greenery in search of its mother in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada.

Behind the tall shrubbery, a baby Black Bear waits patiently for the return of its mother with a worried look upon its face which we as humans find extremely cute. This cute little face is nice to photograph, but venturing too close could be dang ...
Black Bear Tree Ontario Canada

A Black Bear clings to a tree as he waits for the return of his mother who is hunting for food in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada.

A baby Black Bear has climbed a tree to stay out of dangers way as his mother searches for food to feed her young in the wild in Ontario, Canada. This is one trait that a black bear learns early in life and they know that high in a tree is a safe ...
Wild Black Bear

Out in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada, wild animals such as this baby black bear can appear around any corner or from behind a bush at any given time.

This adorable black bear cub has a worrisome look upon his face as he spots us in the forest as he waits for his mother to return. It is best to keep your distance from a wild Black Bear, or any wild animal and even more so a baby if you cross pa ...
Bear Tree

A Black Bear cub spends his time in a tree waiting for the return of his mother in the wilderness in Canada, North America.

The perfect safe haven for a black bear cub is high in a tree while his mother searches the area for food to feed to her baby in Canada, North America. Tree climbing is something that a baby Black Bear learns fairly quickly as they spend a fair a ...
Black Bear Baby

A baby Black Bear stays close to the trees where the greenery is fairly tall as he waits for his mother to return with some food.

This cute little baby Black Bear awaits patiently for the return of his mother but in the meantime he spots us photographing him and cuddles close to a tree. The mother Black Bear never leaves her young for any great length of time so one should ...
Mother Black Bear

A mother Black Bear standing in the green field to make sure it is safe for her cub to venture with her in Ontario, Canada.

This mother Black Bear has a cub close by and she is always on alert to make sure that there is no danger as a mother bear is very protective over her young. Black bears usually run in the other direction when humans are nearby but if you happen ...
Cute Black Bear Photo

A black bear cub is as a cute as a button as he hangs in a tree in British Columbia, Canada.

Waiting patiently for the return of its mother, a cute baby black bear climbs up a tree to stay out of harms way in British Columbia, Canada. A mother will teach its baby to climb when it is very young as it is one of the safest places a black be ...
Black Bear Family

A Black Bear family wandering the forests of Canada after scooping a big fish.

A Black Bear family can consist of one mother and cub and this mother has captured a fish to feed her young. When a baby Black Bear is this small, the mother will find a secure place to leave her cub as she searches for food.Black Bear mother and ...
Black Bear In Stream

The black bear is always on alert even when he walks through this stream near Hyder in Alaska, USA.

A black bear decides to cross the stream to explore the banks on the other side near Hyder, Alaska in the United States. As the bear treks across the stream he enjoys the water splashing up around his paws as he cools off on a sunny day near Hyde ...
Baby Black Bear

A baby black bear climbs a tree in Ontario, Canada for safety.

At a very young age, a baby black bear is taught to climb trees for safety when the mother is off searching for food. This baby scopes out its surroundings from above as it patiently awaits the return of its mother. She is not gone for great leng ...
Animal Picture Bear Cub

Picture of a climbing black bear cub, Ursus americanus, Canada, North America.

The advantages of being sportive: a good view and a safe place! Black bear cub, Ursus americanus, Canada, North America.
Photo Of Little Black Bear Cub

A litte black bear cub showing great talent in climbing in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada.

Black bear cub playing play hide-and-seek in a tree in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada.
Black Bear Cub

A Black Bear Cub, Ursus americanus, waits for its mother in a tree.

Black Bear Cub, Ursus americanus, Canada, North America.

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