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A Mink Frog rests in the waters of the Mersey River in Nova Scotia, Canada.

A peaceful Mink frog sits idle in the Mersey River in Nova Scotia, Canada enjoying the serenity that surrounds him. The Mink Frog prefers the quieter atmospheres in waters where there are plenty of plants and growth that they can use to take cove ...
River Fly Fishing Newfoundland

A man spends his day fly fishing in the Trout River in Newfoundland, Canada.

Many locals of Main Brook, Newfoundland in Canada love to spend their summers fly fishing in Trout River where serenity and wilderness surround them. River fly fishing is also enjoyed by many visitors that stay at the Tuckamore Lodge in Newfoundl ...
Grizzly Bear Bath Alaska

The water trickles off the fur of a Grizzly Bear as he takes a bath in a river in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA.

The Grizzly Bears that reside in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA love to play, fish, bath and swim in the rivers throughout this park. Watching a Grizzly Bear take a bath is fascinating as the massive fur ball rolls and plays just like a chil ...
MacIntosh Brook Nova Scotia

The MacIntosh Brook flows amongst the autumn colored forest in Cape Breton Highland National Park in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Beautiful colored leaves change with the seasons and this walk along Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Highland National Park in Nova Scotia, Canada is picture perfect. MacIntosh Brook flows through the middle of this forest as leaves drop from the towe ...
Brown Bear Fishing

This brown bear enjoys fishing in the river on the Alaska/Canada border.

This brown bear has found himself a tasty meal after fishing in the river along the border of Canada/Alaska in Hyder-Stewart. A favorite past time of the brown bear is fishing for salmon along the banks of the river. Brown bear fishing, Hyder-St ...
Fishing Newfoundland Canada

Fly fishing in Trout River in Main Brook, Newfoundland in Canada is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed by vacationers.

Beautiful blue skies over Trout River in Main Brook, Newfoundland in Canada and calm waters create the ideal conditions for fly fishing. A woman stands ankle high in the river as she casts her line to try her luck at fishing.Fly fishing, Main Bro ...
Penticton River Channel Okanagan

Tubing, floating or swimming down the Penticton River Channel in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia is a relaxing way to spend the day.

Summer in Penticton in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia brings many hot, sunny days to the area and tourists love to swim or float down the River Channel. The River Channel in Penticton flows from the Okanagan Lake down to Skaha Lake which can be a fast or ...
Maison Dunes Saguenay River

The Maison des Dunes are situated at Saguenay River, St Lawrence, Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada.

Dry desert landscape with single flower at the Maison des Dunes, Saguenay River, St Lawrence, Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada.
Spanish Aero Car Over Niagara Whirlpool

A Spanish Aero Car crosses the Niagara River at the Niagara Whirlpool, Ontario, Canada.

Spanish Aero Car, Niagara Whirlpool, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, North America.
Farewell Canyon British Columbia

Carved out by the Chilcotin River Farewell Canyon in British Columbia has a number of interesting geological formations.

Farewell Canyon near Williams Lake, Cariboo Country, British Columbia, Canada, North America.
Fraser River British Columbia

A popular sport on the Fraser River in British Columbia is white water rafting.

White Water rafting on the Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada.
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