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Bull Pictures

Bull Grazing By The Farm Barn Steinbach Manitoba

The bull is grazing at the hay pen by the barn at a farm in the Mennonite Heritage Village.

A farm is part of the Mennonite Heritage Village. This farm has a bull grazing at the hay pen. The pen sits near the barn at the farm. A red barn sits in the distance of the pen. Bull grazing on hay in a pen beside the Farm Barn at the Mennonite ...
MTS Billboard Winnipeg City Manitoba Canada

A billboard advertising for MTS in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada displays large blue letters and a picture of a bull.

A billboard in the downtown area of the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada is an eyecatcher with the picture of a bull and its large letters advertising for MTS. MTS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. which provides efficient communi ...
Bruce Peninsula Dandelions Farm Cows Ontario Canada

The bright yellow hues of the dandelions adorn a field where a group of cows graze in the field on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.

During the day, the cows are let out into the field on a farm on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada where they graze amongst the dandelions. The dandelions span for miles providing a brilliant glow to the landscape where some cows rest while others ...
Wrestling Steer Calgary Stampede

Steer wrestling is a major event at the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada which brings in many visitors.

These cowboys are finishing up the last few techniques that are required at this event as they compete at the Calgary Stampede in the steer wrestling events. Steer wrestling is a timed event that brings out thousands of people each year to the St ...
Steer Wrestling Calgary Stampede

Steer wrestling is one of the main events that take place each year at the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada.

Thousands of people attend the annual steer wrestling events at the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta which are very physically demanding for the riders but very exciting for the audience to watch. Steer wrestling is an event that is timed and ...
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