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Grizzly Bear Swim Alaska

A close up of a Grizzly Bear in the river in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA taking a leisurely afternoon swim.

After a swim in the river in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA a Grizzly Bear decides to bathe as he chews on a large piece of bark. Even though a Grizzly Bear can be extremely dangerous, this picture makes him seem so cute and innocent as he a ...
Photo Of A Moose Stag

The antlers of a moose stag begin growing in the spring and dropp off in the winter to conserve energy.

The scientifc name for moose is Alces alces. A Moose Stag with impressive antlers in Canada.
Bald Eagle Spread Wings

An adult bald eagle with spread wings coming down to the water surface to catch a fish.

American Bald Eagle with spread wings ready to catch a fish, British Columbia, Canada Please make sure to see our photo gallery Canada animals with more creatures from Canada.
Scenic Polar Bear Picture Hudson Bay Churchill Manitoba

A scenic view of the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba and a Polar Bear wandering up along the top of the barren rocks.

As the polar bear awaits the onset of winter in Churchill, Manitoba, he wanders aimlessly around on the barren landscape waiting for the shores of the Hudson Bay to freeze.The scenic view of the Hudson Bay, the tall trees scattered across the lan ...
Fin Whale Quebec

A fin whale cruises the waters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Quebec, Canada.

The fin whale is on the list of endangered animals because commercial whaling continues to decrease the numbers. This particular fin whale was spotted in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Quebec, Canada but they can be seen throughout all the major oce ...
Cougar Animal Picture

The cougar is a stunning looking animal and we were lucky to capture this picture in the wilderness of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

The cougar is always alert and keeps a good watch out for any smaller animal that might mean a healthy snack for this very powerful cat. Lucky for us, this cougar was not too interested in what we were doing and it was the perfect opportunity to ...
Atlantic Puffin Mates Bird Island Newfoundland

Atlantic Puffin mates are what brings these cute birds back to the nesting grounds on Bird Island in Newfoundland, Canada every year.

As a pair of Atlantic Puffins stand together appearing as mates while looking out over the waters of Bonavista Bay in Newfoundland, Canada from Bird Island, two others seem to be checking each other out. If an Atlantic Puffin has to defend its ne ...
Bald Eagle Bird Picture

Picture of a bald eagle bird coming in to land on a tree.

Bald eagle bird with wings open coming in to land on a tree. The bald eagle is also known as a sea eagle or scientifically as Haliaeetus leucocephalus. This beautiful bird can be found from Northern Mexico via Canada all the way up to Alaska. Pl ...
Eastern Fox Snake Water Point Pelee

Along the Marsh Boardwalk of the Point Pelee National Park, an Eastern fox snake glides in the water.

An Eastern fox snake is seen in the marshy waters at the Marsh Boardwalk. The snake slinks through grassy patches along the water's surface. The snake's colors are generally a yellowish background with large dark brown spots. The boardwalk is in ...
Raccoon In Leaves George Lake

Along the George Lake in Killarney Provincial Park, a cute raccoon forages for food in the dry leaves.

This adorable raccoon animal with his mask across his eyes is his trademark. He is foraging in the dry leaves for food. The raccoon is seen near the shores of George Lake. The brown dry leaves carpet the forest floor. Cute Raccoon, Procyon lotor, forag ...
Bull Grazing By The Farm Barn Steinbach Manitoba

The bull is grazing at the hay pen by the barn at a farm in the Mennonite Heritage Village.

A farm is part of the Mennonite Heritage Village. This farm has a bull grazing at the hay pen. The pen sits near the barn at the farm. A red barn sits in the distance of the pen. Bull grazing on hay in a pen beside the Farm Barn at the Mennonite ...
American Black Bears Ursus Americanus Sow And Cub

A cute American Black Bear cub stays close to its mother, the sow, while grazing on the lush grasses in Riding Mountain National Park. The scientific name for the Black bear is Ursus americanus.

An oasis in the middle of the prairie landscape of Manitoba, Riding Mountain National Park is a mecca for wildlife, nature, and scenery. As well as being home to numerous species of mammals such as moose, lynx, wolves, coyotes, and elk, the park ...
Long Finned Pilot Whales Globicephala Melas Dolphins

Belonging to the Oceanic dolphin family, Long Finned Pilot whales are actually dolphins rather than whales although at times they behave like whales. Their scientific name is Globicephala melas.

A highly social marine mammal, Long Finned Pilot Whales, aka Globicephala melas, are often found in large pods of around 100 animals. Although they are actually dolphins, they often behave more like whales. They also appear similar to the Orca W ...
Cute Atlantic White Sided Dolphin Bay Of Fundy Nova Scotia

The wildlife is plentiful in the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and here passengers aboard a boat tour watch as a cute Atlantic White Sided Dolphin surfaces nearby.

In the cool waters of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Canada, people will find a variety of wildlife while on a boat tour with Pirate Cove Whale and Seabird Cruises. As the boat cruises through the water, a cute Atlantic White Sided Dolphin surf ...
Cute Deer Picture Parc Omega Montebello Quebec

Two cute Fallow Deer graze on the green landscape in Les Prairies in Parc Omega in Montebello, Outaouais in Quebec, Canada.

As the leaves begin to fall from the trees in Parc Omega in Montebello, Outaouais in Quebec, Canada, visitors are able to capture two cute Fallow Deer grazing in the grass. These deer are extremely friendly and will approach the cars traveling th ...
Mean Looking Timber Wolf Picture Parc Omega Outaouais Quebec

Visitors to Parc Omega in Montebello in Outaouais, Quebec should be leery of a mean looking Timber Wolf who does not seem to happy about his photography guests.

Showing off his sharp teeth, with ears leaning backwards and mean looking golden eyes, this Timber Wolf in Parc Omega in Montebello, Outaouais in Quebec is one visitors should stay clear of. Whether the photographers or something in the region of ...
Canada Geese Parents With Goslings Lake Erie Shoreline

The parents which tend to these cute Canada Geese goslings, keep their young close by while swimming along the shoreline of Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada.

Two Canada Geese parents take their seven goslings for a swim amongst the marsh reeds growing along the shoreline of Lake Erie in Point Pelee National Park in Leamington, Ontario. These goslings are not able to fly on their own yet, but this is a ...
Polar Bear Winter Snow Storm Churchill Manitoba

A winter snow storm has finally arrived in Churchill, Manitoba, giving this Polar Bear a glimpse of hope for the meals he has been patiently waiting for.

A snow storm has finally arrived in Churchill, Manitoba which is what this polar bear has been waiting months for so that he can head to the shores of the Hudson Bay for a good meal of ringed seals. The snow on the tundra across the Churchill Wildlife Manag ...
Canada Goose With Goslings Point Pelee National Park

Six goslings in Lake Erie at the Marsh Boardwalk in Pelee National Park in Ontario, Canada, stay close to the adult Canada Goose watching over them.

Caring for six goslings, an adult Canada Goose keeps a close watch out for any strange occurrences while swimming with the family along the shores of Lake Erie in Point Pelee National Park in Leamington, Ontario. A Canada Goose is very protective ...
Polar Bear Snow Storm Hudson Bay Churchill Manitoba

A Polar Bear leisurely strolls along a gravel road in a snow storm near the shores of the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba.

The ideal weather for a polar bear is the cold and snow which this adult seems to enjoy as he wanders along a road which winds its way near the shores of the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba. After waking from many restful naps waiting for winter to encomp ...
Grasslands National Park Black Tailed Prairie Dogs Picture

Across the landscape in Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada, Black-tailed Prairie Dogs scatter themselves around their burrows.

A place known as Dog Town in the West Block of Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada is where people can watch generations of Black-tailed Prairie Dog families in the wild. At least 25 or more colonies of Black-tailed Prairie Dogs resi ...
George Lake Campground Raccoon Killarney Provincial Park

As sunset nears over the George Lake Campground in Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada, a raccoon decides it is time to check things out.

The raccoon is a typical scavenger and this particular one thinks he can find something good to eat while walking through a campground at sunset. There are approximately 122 campsites at the George Lake Campground and during the summer, the racco ...
Mother Bighorn Sheep With Lamb Banff National Park Alberta

Near the shores of Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park, Alberta, a mother Bighorn Sheep stays alert of her surroundings while with her lamb.

In a grassy field in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, a mother Bighorn Sheep stays within a close range of her lamb. Until the lamb reaches about 4-6 months old, it will survive on its mother's milk but during these months, it will also le ...
Red Lake Ontario Wildlife Black Bear

A common wildlife species to see around the wilderness near the town of Red Lake in Ontario, Canada is a Black Bear.

Wildlife is plentiful around the town of Red Lake, Ontario, especially on the outskirts where tall, green grass grows making it the perfect place for grazing for many types of animals. This adult Black Bear was busily munching on the grass, which ...
Canada Geese Goslings Point Pelee National Park Leamington Ontario

Three cute Canada Geese goslings with their fluffy down sit on the banks of the marsh in Point Pelee National Park in Leamington, Ontario.

Three yellowish/brown colored goslings rest on the shores of the marsh, clearly paying no attention to the visitors looking on from the Marsh Boardwalk in Point Pelee National Park in Leamington, Ontario.When the adult Canada Geese make their nes ...
Polar Bear Close Up Picture Churchill Manitoba

As this Polar Bear approaches, we were able to capture this close up picture while bear watching in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Manitoba, Canada.

A close up picture of a polar bear in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Manitoba, Canada, lets us see the snow white fur covering his body and the massive size of his head. His tiny rounded ears, along with his short tail, aid in the Polar Bear losi ...
Atlantic Puffins Nesting Grounds Bird Island Newfoundland

The nesting grounds on Bird Island in Newfoundland, Canada is where this colony of Atlantic Puffins can be seen every year during breeding season.

One of the Atlantic Puffins standing atop the rock on Bird Island in Bonavista Bay in Newfoundland, Canada has a lot to say to his companions as he squawks out orders regarding their nesting grounds. The rest of the Atlantic Puffins do not appear ...
Handsome Looking Motorcycle Dog Nova Scotia

Looking as handsome as a dog can, this fellow is ready to take off from the waterfront of Halifax, Nova Scotia aboard the back of a motorcycle.

With cool motorcycle glasses adorning the handsome face on this chocolate lab dog, the sky is the limit after leaving the downtown area of Halifax, Nova Scotia aboard a motorcycle. Looking as good as a motorcycle dog can, the breeze will blow by this dog ...
Snow White Arctic Fox Picture

Against the Hudson Bay coastline in Churchill, Manitoba the snow white colored fur of the Arctic Fox blends in with the landscape.

During the winter season along the shoreline of the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba, passengers aboard the tours will often see an Arctic Fox foraging for food. The snow white color of the Arctic Fox is camouflage for this mammal during the win ...
Nesting Atlantic Puffins Bird Island Newfoundland

Cute little Atlantic Puffins, the official bird of Newfoundland, Canada, hang around on the rock ledges of Bird Island where nesting and breeding takes place.

Five Atlantic Puffins chat amongst themselves atop of Bird Island in Newfoundland Labrador, Canada where they spend some of their time nesting and breeding. Atlantic Puffins can be a challenge to photograph as a majority of their time is spent at ...
Raccoon Pest

A raccoon in the wilderness of Parc Omega in Quebec, Canada is not one that is considered to be a pest.

A Raccoon can cause a lot of havoc and become quite a pest to humans when they are found in the residential areas of many places. Here in Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec, a raccoon has the entire wilderness to roam and when tourists visiting the ...
Moose Close Up Picture Newfoundland

A moose does not seemed bothered by the fact that we have captured a close up picture of him as he takes a break from grazing in the town of St Lunaire-Griquet, Newfoundland.

This close up picture of a moose grazing on private property in the town of St Lunaire-Griquet, Newfoundland is a rarity. The moose did not seem too concerned that we were photographing him as we get a good look at his large ears atop his head an ...
Newfoundland Wildlife Picture

The wildlife around the town of St. Lunaire-Griquet, Newfoundland enjoy grazing on this piece of land owned by a resident and taking a picture is very easy.

Two moose have no problem exploring privately owned property in the town of St Lunaire-Griquet in Newfoundland, Canada looking for some grazing areas. The wildlife is often seen when driving through the town, so be extremely careful of any moose ...
Puppy Dog Face Picture

A Canadian Eskimo Dog puppy sits quietly as we capture his picture at his home in the town of Churchill, Manitoba.

A Canadian Eskimo Dog puppy sits with its head slightly tilted showing his cuteness as we take his picture while visiting Churchill, Manitoba. The soft looking fur around his face is a multitude of hues and still resembles that of a puppy.Canadia ...
Polar Bear Relaxing Churchill Manitoba

A common sight to see before the Hudson Bay in Churhill, Manitoba freezes over is to see a Polar Bear relaxing and conserving his energy.

Quietly relaxing on the tundra landscape of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Churchill, Manitoba a polar bear scopes out the area around him. With his massive head looking at the camera, he does not sense any danger and continues to rest up for the ...
Wapiti Bull Picture

A beautiful picture of a Wapiti bull laying on the fallen Autumn leaves in the forested area of Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec.

As you travel through Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec be on the lookout for a large Wapiti Bull resting amongst the Autumn leaves in the forest. They may also approach your car window where you can get a close up picture of the Wapiti but be awa ...
Arctic Canadian Eskimo Dog

A Canadian Eskimo Dog sits in the Arctic climate of Churchill, Manitoba as snowflakes blanket his fur.

The brown, black and white colors on this Canadian Eskimo Dog highlight his facial features as he looks at us with his soft puppy glance. As snow falls around the Arctic regions of Manitoba, the Canadian Eskimo Dog feels at home as this is the ty ...
Puppy Face Picture

A cute picture of the face of a Canadian Eskimo Dog Puppy sitting close to his home in the town of Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

At a residence in the town of Churchill, Manitoba, a cute Canadian Eskimo Dog Puppy lets us take a close up picture of his adorable face. With his soft puppy like fur and young looking face, this Canadian Eskimo Dog sits as a trained model would ...
Willow Ptarmigan Bird

This bird named the Willow Ptarmigan is barely visible amongst the snow in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Churchill, Manitoba.

If it was not for the black eyes and beak on this Willow Ptarmigan that walks across the tundra of Churchill, Manitoba, one may never see him. This bird has plumage that turns snow white in the winter as a means of camouflage but come summer, the ...
White Canadian Eskimo Dog Churchill Manitoba

The cute face of a snowy white colored Canadian Eskimo Dog on a private yard in the Hudson Bay area of Churchill, Manitoba.

A Canadian Eskimo Dog matures very quickly and is prepared for all sorts of hard work as this is part of the natural instinct of this type of animals. With its snow white fur surrounding its cute face, this Canadian Eskimo Dog spends his days growing up ...
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