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Le Parc Du Saguenay

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Le Parc Du Saguenay

Waters Edge Quebec

A tranquil area around the waters edge of Sainte Marguerite Bay in Quebec is a amazing place to stop and relax to enjoy the scenery.

Along the waters edge of Sainte Marguerite Bay in Le Parc Du Saguenay, Quebec there is a rocky shore amongst tall wilderness trees where you can look across to the beautiful mountain scenery. This tranquil area can be a great place to catch a gli ...
Sainte Marguerite Bay Quebec

The calm waters of Sainte Marguerite Bay backdropped by the mountains in Le Parc Du Saguenay in Quebec, Canada.

A beautiful sunny day in Le Parc Du Saguenay in Quebec, Canada where the pristine bay of Sainte Marguerite is located. On some days you could stand on the rocky shoreline around Sainte Marguerite Bay and spot a beluga or two that has traveled fro ...
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