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Quebec Photos

Waters Edge Quebec

A tranquil area around the waters edge of Sainte Marguerite Bay in Quebec is a amazing place to stop and relax to enjoy the scenery.

Along the waters edge of Sainte Marguerite Bay in Le Parc Du Saguenay, Quebec there is a rocky shore amongst tall wilderness trees where you can look across to the beautiful mountain scenery. This tranquil area can be a great place to catch a gli ...
Church Interior Sainte Anne De Beaupre

The high arched ceiling and the large pillars are just a small sample of the fascinating interior of the church of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre in Quebec, Canada.

The interior of the Sainte Anne de Beaupre Church in Quebec, Canada is very ornate and beautiful with the stunning architectural design, stained glass windows and soft lighting. Millions of visitors and pilgrims venture to the Shrine of Sainte-An ...
Quebec City Hotel Terrasse Dufferin

The Terrasse Dufferin Hotel is located near the boardwalk in Quebec City, Canada where you pass this large cannon exhibit.

As a child examines a cannon display along the walkway, people stroll through Quebec City after a peaceful night at the Terrasse Dufferin Hotel. This historic building was built in 1830 as a private mansion and in 1967 in it was converted into the Terrasse D ...
La Citadelle Quebec

The stone walls and buildings of the national historic site of La Citadelle, Quebec, Canada that overlooks the city of Quebec.

La Citadelle in Quebec City, Canada is a national historic site where the stone walls, buildings and atmosphere takes you back in time to early military days all the way up to present day. Atop the stone pillar sits a canon that was once used for defence and ...
Christmas Lights Kamouraska

A quaint house in Kamouraska, Quebec in Canada is decorated with Christmas lights for the holiday season.

The Christmas lights blend in beautifully with the color of this house that is situated in Kamouraska, Quebec in Canada. The white lights seem to bring a feeling of peace around this house and add to the beauty of the Christmas spirit. Kamourask ...
Camping Quebec

Sunsets over the Gulf of St. Lawrence are beautiful to sit and watch while camping in Kamouraska, Quebec in Canada.

Camping is the only way to travel around Quebec, Canada where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Sebka Campground has many sites like this one, with your own picnic table, private surroundings and the view is spe ...
Hotel Place D Armes Quebec City

The Place d'Armes in Quebec City is an elegant 19th century hotel situated close to all the main attractions of the city.

The Place d'Armes hotel in Quebec City, Canada was originally a home built by Judge Henry Black until 1908 when was it was bought by the Holt Renfrew Co. Tenants rented the space until 1929 and then it was altered into a Bed and Breakfast until 1957 when it ...
Horse Drawn Buggy Rides Quebec

Many people enjoy the comfort of the horse drawn buggy rides in Quebec City to do their sightseeing or to get from place to place.

Taking a horse drawn buggy ride through Quebec City is an excellent way to enjoy the sights of the city with your own narrator to explain the different places. These buggy rides take away from the stress of driving and trying to find your way around Quebec C ...
Downtown Quebec City

Many vendors line the streets of the downtown core of Quebec City but when you are hungry there is nothing better than a snack from this vendor.

Tourists take a break from their sightseeing ventures of downtown Quebec City and enjoy a snack from a street vendor. Unique shops line the streets of Quebec City where many tourists visit annually to take in the beautiful places, food and shops that downtow ...
Quebec City Citadelle

From the Citadelle in Quebec, you look down upon the stone walls where you can sit and enjoy the view of Quebec City along the waterfront of the St. Lawrence River.

La Citadelle is a national historic site in Quebec, Canada and from here you get a great view of the City of Quebec. Inside the stone walls of the Citadelle, that took 30 years to build, people who are out for a bike ride or walk, can take a break and sit on th ...
Sebka Campsite Gulf Of St Lawrence

A sunset slowly disappears across the horizon from a campsite at Sebka Campground along the Gulf of St Lawrence in Quebec, Canada.

This campsite sits in a tranquil area overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Quebec, Canada at the Sebka Campground. The clouds close in around the pastel colored sky at sunset and what the evening weather brings for this campsite is yet to be s ...
Canadian Museum Civilization Quebec

The Canadian Museum of Civilization in Quebec is a fabulous place to explore where you can learn of the history of Canada.

The building that is home to the Canadian Museum of Civilization has a lot to offer tourists that visit Quebec, Canada. A fascinating place to learn the heritage of the Native People of the West Coast and the artifacts that belonged to them as we ...
Quebec Accommodations Gaspe Peninsula

Fabulous accommodations are available at this cheerful looking house in Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Canada.

If you are looking for accommodations in Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Canada, try out this brightly painted bed and breakfast which is as cheery as it looks. As you drive through Gaspe Peninsula, you cannot miss this stunning house where you will f ...
Place Royale Quebec City

The Place Royale hotel is the ideal place to stay while in Quebec City as it is within walking distance to many of the shops and restaurants.

The Place Royale in Quebec City, Canada is a nice hotel to stay at for the whole family as there is a pool surrounded by a beautiful garden, a restaurant, bar and a health club. The interior is very charming and all the rooms are very comfortable. The Place ...
Gaspe Peninsula Quebec Canada

Driving along Highway 132 you come to the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Canada.

A small community on the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Canada where unique houses line the shores. To reach this beautiful place you must drive Highway 132 along the southern shore of the St. Lawrence.Highway 132 North Gaspe Peninsula, Gaspe Peninsu ...
Accommodation Sign Quebec

Follow the accommodation sign for a fabulous bed and breakfast in Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec in Canada.

The accommodation sign welcoming guests to this bed and breakfast in the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Canada is a radiant purple color that tourists can not miss as they drive by. The house is the same color as the sign which brings about a smile a ...
Sainte Marguerite Bay Quebec

The calm waters of Sainte Marguerite Bay backdropped by the mountains in Le Parc Du Saguenay in Quebec, Canada.

A beautiful sunny day in Le Parc Du Saguenay in Quebec, Canada where the pristine bay of Sainte Marguerite is located. On some days you could stand on the rocky shoreline around Sainte Marguerite Bay and spot a beluga or two that has traveled fro ...
Horse Buggy Quebec

A fine way to travel through Quebec City in Canada is by a horse buggy.

A horse and buggy ride is an excellent way to see the sights of Quebec City in Canada. These horse buggy rides are available to the public year round and it is a relaxing and memorable way to remember your visit to Quebec City, Canada. Quebec City. Quebec, ...
Souvenirs Tadoussac Artworks

A store in Tadoussac, St. Lawrence selling artwork and souvenirs.

Souvenir Store in Tadoussac, St. Lawrence, selling sculptures and souvenirs.
Place Armes Quebec City

People relaxing at the Place d'Armes in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, North America.

A nice place to relax and meet people, the Place d'Armes, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, North America.
Natives Tadoussac Sculptures

Sculptures of natives in Tadoussac close to St. Lawrence in Quebec in Canada.

Native sculptures in Tadoussac, St. Lawrence, Quebec, Canada.
Maison Dunes Saguenay River

The Maison des Dunes are situated at Saguenay River, St Lawrence, Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada.

Dry desert landscape with single flower at the Maison des Dunes, Saguenay River, St Lawrence, Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada.
Garden Decorations Flowers Cacouna

Beautiful garden decorations and flowers in front of a lovely romantic house in Cacouna along Highway 132, Quebec, Canada.

Beautiful little pond and garden decoration with flowers, Cacouna, Highway, 132, Quebec, Canada, North America.
Fort Ingall Buildings

Buildings at Fort Ingall in Cabano, Quebec, Canada.

Fort Ingall is situated in Cabano, Quebec, Canada, North America.
Terrasse Dufferin Quebec City

Looking like a castlte: Terrasse Dufferin, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, North America.

View on a historic building: Terrasse Dufferin, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, North America.
Quebec City nice place

Nice buildings in Quebec City downtown, Quebec, Canada, North America.

City life and several nice houses in downtown Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, North America.
Fort Ingall Quebec

Soldier totems at Fort Ingall in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Fort Ingall, Cabano, Quebec, Canada, North America.
Quebec City Canada

Quebec City downtown, Quebec, Canada, North America.

Building in downtown Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, North America.
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