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Restaurant Pictures

Restaurant Rue Saint Louis Old Quebec

While sitting at the table at this restaurant along Rue Saint-Louis in Old Quebec, Canada, the window opens to the fresh air and the beauty of the display in the planter.

Along Rue Saint-Louis in Old Quebec City, Canada there are many unique restaurants that look out into the streets. In this restaurant, you can open the shutters and catch a breath of the aroma from the garden displayed outside the window. Across the street, ther ...
Restaurant Quartier Petite Champlain Old Quebec

The lights create an aura of peacefulness and serenity on the terrace of this restaurant in Quartier Petite Champlain in Old Quebec, Canada.

People sit in the golden glow outside on the terrace of a quaint restaurant on L'escalier du Casse-cou in Quartier Petite Champlain in Old Quebec City, Canada. Tucked away in the corner by the stairs, also known as Breakneck Stairs, this is an ideal location for ...
Blackboard Old Montreal Quebec

A blackboard on display outside of a restaurant along Rue Saint-Paul in Old Montreal in Montreal, Quebec.

When you wander the Rue Saint-Paul in Old Montreal, Quebec there are unique shops to explore and a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy a meal. This restaurant displays their specials of the day outside on a blackboard to entice people into ...
Restaurant Supplies Picture

This picture shows a small nook where decorative jars line the shelves above a table displaying supplies needed in this restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario.

Heating lamps hang above a table to keep the food and utensils warm while waiting to be served at a unique italian restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario. Decorative jars adorn the brick wall, a picture advertising Corona hangs on the wall while other supplies s ...
Place Jacques Cartier Restaurants Old Montreal

Some of the people stop for a meal at one of the restaurants at Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal, Quebec, while others admire the historic buildings.

The restaurants at Place Jacques-Cartier are always fairly busy especially on sunny days where people like to enjoy a meal on the outside terraces. There a variety of restaurants to choose from along the street of Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Mon ...
Restaurant Rue Sous Le Fort Old Quebec

Lights glimmering in the evening hours outside a restaurant along Rue Sous Le Fort in Quartier Petite Champlain in Old Quebec, Canada.

Night is a unique time of day along Rue Sous le Fort in Quartier Petite Champlain in Old Quebec City, Canada as the shimmering lights create a golden glow. The street is quiet as a couple enjoys a fine meal at a restaurant on the outside terrace under the lights ...
Street Cafes Place D Armes Quebec

Street cafes in Place d'Armes in Old Quebec, Canada are filled with people enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air.

Street cafes are places where many people come to enjoy a beverage and a meal and the ones at Place d'Armes in Old Quebec City are always extremely busy. The street cafes are open first thing in the morning and do not close until the early evening hours, so ther ...
Restaurant Dinner Plates

Dinner plates along with oils and spices ready for the customers arriving at this restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario for a meal.

The brick walls inside of this restaurant are adorned with spices, signs and pictures while the table has dinner plates stacked with oils and spices to accompany your dinner. This is a unique restaurant with a casual atmosphere along a street in ...
Cape D Or Lighthouse Nova Scotia

The scenery is astounding as you stand on the cliffs where the Cape d'Or Lighthouse, restaurant and accommodations are located in the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Cape d'Or Lighthouse sits at the far edge of the cliffs closest to the rocky coastline of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia with the restaurant and accommodations set back a bit. This is an amazing place to tour the lighthouse, enjoy an incredi ...
Old Montreal Restaurant Quebec Canada

As you stroll along the Rue Saint Paul in Old Montreal in Quebec, Canada you will find this sign that sits above the door to a small restaurant.

To take in the full atmosphere along Rue Saint Paul in Old Montreal, in Quebec, Canada, stop for a meal in this unique restaurant housed inside this old stone building. The cleanliness along the sidewalk of the Rue Saint Paul and the well kept bu ...
Cafe Menu Rue Saint Paul Montreal

A blackboard displays the menu at a cafe along the Rue Saint-Paul in Old Montreal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Written in both French and English, the menu for a cafe along Rue Saint Paul in Old Montreal in Quebec, Canada is displayed on a blackboard. Tourists that do not speak French are pleased to see the menu in both languages as it makes it easy to de ...
Needles Stonehouse Restaurant Manitoulin Island

The Needles Stonehouse Restaurant on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada is a charming place to enjoy a fine home cooked meal.

As you drive along the quiet road of Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada you can not miss this charming red painted stone building that is home to the Needles Stonehouse Restaurant. Pretty flowers in planters sit outside on the deck of the resta ...
French Cafe Niagara On The Lake

People dining on the patio of a French styled cafe on a beautiful sunny day in Niagara on the Lake in Ontario, Canada.

People enjoy a meal on the patio of this European styled cafe in the town of Niagara on the Lake in Ontario, Canada adorned with a water fountain of George Bernard Shaw and gardens filled with spring flowers. The Shaw Cafe and Wine Bar serves up French styled cuisines in a c ...
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