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Ambassador Bridge Windsor Ontario Detroit Michigan

A large bulk carrier ship passes under the Ambassador Bridge which connects Canada and the USA between the cities of Windsor and Detroit.

A four lane highway, two going in each direction, makes up the traffic flow which crosses the Ambassador Bridge, a suspension bridge spanning the Detroit River. Joining Windsor, Ontario in Canada and Detroit, Michigan in the USA, the Ambassador Bridge made its mark in history with the onset of its construction which began in 1927.

The bridge makes this the busiest international border crossing throughout North America and studies have shown that 150,000 jobs and 13 billion in US dollars annually rely on this crossing. The Detroit River is also a very busy shipping lane where many large bulk carrier ships pass underneath the Ambassador Bridge on route to the ports.

Large bulk carrier ship passing beneath the Ambassador Bridge which spans the Detroit River between the cities of Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Ambassador Bridge Windsor Ontario Detroit Michigan
Photo: Ambassador Bridge Windsor Ontario Detroit Michigan
Picture of the Ambassador Bridge spanning the Detroit River joining Windsor, Ontario with Detroit, Michigan.
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