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La Joute Sculpture Fountain Place Jean Paul Riopelle Montreal

A sculpture fountain named La Joute stands in Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle backdropped by the Palais des congress de Montreal in Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

Standing in front of the colorful windows of Palais des congres de Montreal in Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle in the Quartier International in city of Montreal, Quebec, is the sculpture/fountain known as La Joute. The newly designed square is the ideal location for the sculpture which is set in a fountain encircled by a timed ring of fire.

Created by sculptor Jean-Paul Riopelle, the sculptures are made of bronze with a central fountain which is surrounded by abstract animal and human figures. The fountain runs on a kinetic sequence which takes approximately 32 minutes beginning just before each half hour.

The fountain jet forms over the sculptures, the grates begin to mist at the back, running in sequence until a dense cloud begins to appear. ... continue below the picture...

La Joute Sculpture Fountain Place Jean Paul Riopelle Montreal
Photo: La Joute Sculpture Fountain Place Jean Paul Riopelle Montreal
Picture of the La Joute sculpture/fountain in Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle in Montreal, Quebec.
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    ... The fountain slows down, a natural gas shoots through the water which creates the ring of fire around the sculptures continuing for about 7 minutes. The entire process starts again and happens every hour throughout the day in the summer at Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle.

    This park where the La Joute sculpture stands was named after the artist, Jean-Paul Riopelle and is open to the public where people can sit and relax amongst the trees watching the fountain in action. During the evening hours, this park becomes a magical place when the fire is illuminated around the sculpture.

    Sculpture fountain, La Joute in Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, backdropped by the coloured windows of Palais des congres de Montreal, Montreal Convention Centre, Quartier International, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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