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Polar Bear Massive Paws Picture

A Polar Bear is the largest land carnivore in the world and its massive paws and claws are easily matched to its size as seen in this picture taken in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area.

Standing on the partially snow covered tundra of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Churchill, Manitoba, we were able to capture a picture of the paws and claws on this adult Polar Bear. The feet on a polar bear are five-toed paws and can reach 12 inches in diameter which act like snowshoes when walking across the frozen tundra.

The weight of the Polar Bear is spread out over its massive paws as it moves over ice and snow. The forepaws are round in shape while the hind paws are elongated and each of its toes has a very thick and curved non-retractable claw. The claws aid the Polar Bear in grasping their prey while the entire paw is used for swatting seals when they surface through the breathing holes in the ice. ... continue below the picture...

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Polar Bear Massive Paws Picture
Photo: Polar Bear Massive Paws Picture
Picture of the massive paws and claws on a Polar Bear in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Manitoba, Canada.
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    The sole on a Polar Bear's foot has black pads covered with small, soft bumps which helps this massive animal from slipping. Between each toe, the Polar Bear has long hairs, also aiding the animal in walking proudly across the frozen tundra around the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba.

    Paws and claws of an adult Polar Bear, Ursus maritimus, in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, Hudson Bay, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

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