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Autumn Leaves Scenic Waterfall

A grouping of autumn coloured leaves in shades of red and yellow sit on the rocky banks of a waterfall found along the scenic Sand River in Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.

The wilderness parks of Ontario are great places to visit during the autumn months when the leaves of the trees are bursting with colour along scenic trails or beside rivers such as the Sand River and a waterfall along the Pinguisibi Trail. Fall ...
Pictographs Agawa Rock Lake Superior Provincial Park

A large rock face called Agawa Rock, has a story tell in the form of red pictographs. Agawa Rock is situated in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada and is a popular tourist location.

A popular place for those interested in history, Agawa Rock features one of the largest collections of Indian pictographs in Ontario. Agawa Rock can be found in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario. Pictographs on Agawa Rock, Agawa Rock Pictographs ...
Scenic Fall River Canoes

A view of two canoes hauled out on the bank of the scenic Oxtongue River during Fall in the Oxtongue River-Ragged Falls Provincial Park of Ontario, Canada.

The rocky banks of the Oxtongue River plays host to the scenic fall forest of the Oxtongue River-Ragged Falls Provincial Park in Ontario, a popular site for hauling canoes out and walking to view the falls. Two canoes on the bank of the Oxtongue ...
Footprints Sandy Beach Pancake Bay Ontario

The soft, warm sand along the beach at Pancake Bay bears the evidence of a recent visitor to the shores of Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada. This sandy beach is found in the Pancake Bay Provincial Park.

Waves from Lake Superior lap at the sandy beach of Pancake Bay Provincial Park in Ontario. Under the cover of a pure blue sky and fringed by thick forest, the beach features lines from the water and the footprints of a visitor. Footprints in the ...
Scenic Killarney Provincial Park Sunset Ontario

A bright sunset over George Lake in Killarney Provincial Park heralds the end of a fine day in this scenic region of Ontario.

A mountainous wilderness park, Killarney Provincial Park situated in Ontario is a scenic haven for nature lovers. Enjoy a hike through the diverse landscape of Killarney and return to your campsite to enjoy a rewarding sunset at the end of the day ...
Fog Shrouded Lake Superior Forest Ontario

The lush green forest fringing Lake Superior appears to keep the fog confined to the water surface. This picture of Lake Superior in Ontario shows the tops of forest clad islands and a portion of the forest surrounding the fog shrouded lake.

Lake Superior shrouded by fog near Lizard Island, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.
Woman Canoeing Algonquin Provincial Park

An evening of canoeing on the calm Whitefish Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario is a great way to end a day. A woman takes in the beauty of the lake and wilderness as the sun begins to set.

As daytime gives way to night, a woman enjoys the serenity of the wilderness while canoeing on Whitefish Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park in the province of Ontario, Canada. Paddling a canoe on Whitefish Lake at sunset in Algonquin Provincial Park, ...
Kaministiquia River Waterfall Aerial Ontario

An impressive aerial view of the Kaministiquia River and Kakabeka Falls waterfall in Ontario, Canada. The Waterfall is situated in the Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park near Thunder Bay.

The Kaministiquia River was one of the most important water routes for Canadian fur traders wanting to travel to western Canada from the Great Lakes. Imagine paddling up stream then coming across Kakabeka Falls - the largest falls in the Lake Superior ...
Kakabeka Falls Waterfall Spring Flood

A week or more of heavy rain during spring in the Thunder Bay region of Ontario, Canada makes for a torrent of water at Kakabeka Falls. Kakabeka Falls in the Provincial Park of the same name, was at near full capacity during a spring flood.

Kakabeka Falls (aka Niagara of the North) along the Kaministiquia River during a spring flood, Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Sand River Waterfall Great Lakes Ontario

Cascading over jagged rocks, the Sand River features a series of waterfalls along its path. The waterfall or series of three waterfalls is situated in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.

Waterfall along the Sand River, Pinguisibi Trail, in Lake Superior Provincial Park, Great Lakes, Ontario, Canada.
Large Bulk Carrier Ship Welland Canal

Entering Lock 3 of the Welland Canals System at the St Catharines Museum is a large bulk carrier ship.

A large bulk carrier ship enters between two tall metal walls of Lock 3 at the Welland Canals System. These bulk carriers are used to transport large amounts of un-packaged cargo. The St Catharines Museum is located at the Welland Canal. In the distance ...
Odette Park Ambassador Bridge Detroit River

From a sculpture in Odette Park is a view of the Ambassador Bridge that spans the Detroit River.

A large yellow sculpture of Odette Park sits near the Detroit River. Odette Park has 32 large scale contemporary sculptures done by well known artists. In the background of the sculpture is the Ambassador Bridge that spans the Detroit River. The bridge ...
Modern Buildings Reflect Financial District Toronto

The modern architecture has mirrored facades which reflect the buildings of the financial district of downtown Toronto.

The modern architecture is displayed in sleek tall buildings of downtown Toronto. Glass is used for the facades of the architecture which reflect the nearby buildings. These modern structures are in the financial district of downtown Toronto. The buildings in Tor ...
Rainbow Mist Horseshoe Falls Niagara

A misty rainbow disappears into Horseshoe Falls along the Niagara River in Niagara Falls.

A beautiful rainbow disappears into the misty Horseshoe Falls. The colors of the rainbow soften from the mists of the falls. The falls gets its name from the curve of the horseshoe shaped crest. Horseshoe Falls is part of the Niagara River and is ...
Niagara Horseshoe Falls Night Illumination

Evening brings on the nightly illumination of Horseshoe Falls along the Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada.

Along the Niagara River, the Horseshoe Falls is illuminated in the evening. The water glows from the lights as it cascades over the Niagara Falls. The night life of the city can be seen in the distance of the falls. The Horseshoe Falls are the most impressive ...
Old City Hall Architecture Toronto

A curve in the architecture of the New City Hall frames the Old City Hall building during sunset in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

As the sun sets in downtown Toronto, a view of the Old City Hall building is seen from an architectural curve of the New City Hall. The Old City Hall building shows its classic architectural style. The clock tower of Old City Hall stands tall among the b ...
Downtown Toronto Yonge Street Sign

In downtown Toronto, a large bright sign is displayed for Yonge Street.

A large street sign is displayed in downtown Toronto. The sign is for Yonge Street in Toronto. Blue circular signs with white letters spell "Yonge" which is attached to a black pole. The black pole has the word "Downtown" in white letters. Yonge Street ...
Architecture Eaton Centre Interior Downtown Toronto

Shoppers, signs, and stores are part of the interior of the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto.

Shoppers walk among the stores in the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto. The large interior of the centre has a domed glass ceiling. Large advertising signs sit above the storefronts. On the floor of the centre is a 30 year anniversary plaque. Interior of the Eat ...
Church Of The Redeemer Toronto Ontario

The Church of the Redeemer in Toronto was completed in 1879 and is in the Gothic Revival architectural style.

The Church of the Redeemer was completed in 1879. This church shows it old world charm in the Gothic Revival architectural style. Beautiful stain glass sit in arched windows of the church front. A small bell tower sits at the top of the church fr ...
City picture CN Tower Toronto

The CN Tower sits between buildings of modern architecture in downtown Toronto city.

The unique design of the CN Tower stands between two sleek modern buildings in Toronto. This observation tower is the third tallest free standing building in the world. The Canadian National is a railway company that built the tower. The tower serves tv ...
Colourful Shop Kensington Market Toronto

This colourful shop, Exile, near Kensington Market was originally a Victorian style house.

This colourful shop is decorated in yellow and blue with red stars. The stars are scattered on the yellow brick of the building. A large sign in red letters sits across two windows. Originally a Victorian style home is now a shop near Kensington ...
Aerial Of Canyon Near Thunder Bay

An aerial view shows lush green forest in a canyon near Sleeping Giant Provincial Park and Thunder Bay in the background.

An aerial view shows water flowing through a canyon with surrounding lush green trees. Thunder Bay and the Sleeping Gian Provincial Park sit in the distance of the canyon. Thunder Bay sits along the northern shores of Lake Superior, part of the Great Lakes. Th ...
Double Rainbow At Kakabeka Falls

During a spring flood, a beautiful misty double rainbow appears above the boardwalk at Kakabeka Falls.

A double rainbow spans the Kaministiquia River during a spring flood. A view from the wet boardwalk of the Kakabeka Falls shows the misty double rainbow. Beautiful colors of the rainbow show just above the mists. The Kakabeka Falls is the largest ...
Kakabeka Falls Kaministiquia River Thunder Bay

During a spring flood, the Kakabeka Falls flow steadily down the steep ledge of the Kaministiquia River.

The spring flood reveals the power of the forceful Kakabeka Falls in Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park. The appealing falls are a beautiful watery blur. The falls cascade down the rocky ledge of the Kaministiquia River into a cloudy mist. Evergreen trees are along the shoreline o ...
Kakabeka Falls Rainbow Northern Ontario

A wonderful rainbow falls into the watery mists of the Kakabeka Falls.

The mists of the Kakabeka Falls reveals a rainbow. The rainbow disappears into the falls. The water from the edge of the cliff is a wonderful blur. Evergreens surround the beautiful view. Rainbow in the mist above Kakabeka Falls (aka Niagara of ...
Iconic Arrow Rock Design Pointing Beach

An arrow made of rocks point in the direction of the sun setting on the Agawa Bay beach.

Several rocks are used to make an arrow in the sand. The arrow points towards the sunset over the lake. The rocks vary in color. The sun reflects on the waters of Lake Superior. Arrow rock design along the beach in Agawa Bay at sunset, Lake Supe ...
Agawa Bay Lake Superior Sunset

A beautiful sunset reflects on the clouds over Lake Superior from the shores at Agawa Bay.

The sunset glows on the clouds as it sets low over the horizon of Lake Superior. The Agawa Bay shore leads to Lake Superior as tall trees line the shoreline of Agawa Bay. A romantic destination especially at sunset, Agawa Bay features a campgrou ...
Surreal Sunset Over Lake Superior

A golden horizon sits low over the calm blue waters of Lake Superior.

The sun sets over the calm blue waters of Lake Superior. A view of the golden horizon is seen from the sandy shoreline of Agawa Bay. Streaks of clouds and a soft blue sky leads to the golden horizon in the distance. A long piece of driftwood lay ...
American Falls New York State View From Canada

Part of Niagara Falls, the American Falls viewed from a platform at Horseshoe Falls in Ontario, Canada.

Niagara Falls is along the Niagara River which boarders Ontario, Canada and New York, USA. The American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are on the United States side. The Horseshoe Falls lies on the Canadian side. Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and the Brid ...
Niagara Horseshoe Falls twilight Niagara River

Beautiful evening in the misty Horseshoe Falls along the Niagara River in Ontario, Canada.

An evening view of the misty falls cascading into the Niagara River. The Horseshoe Falls is the one of three falls along the Niagara River. The name comes from the curve of the crest of the falls. The Horseshoe Falls is mostly on the Canadian sid ...
Niagara Falls Skyline Sunset

As the sun sets, the lanterns glow along the Niagara Parkway leading to the city of Niagara Falls.

The city's skyline of Niagara Falls towers in the background. The modern buildings vary in heights of the city backdrop. The glowing lanterns line the Niagara Parkway as the sun sets. People walk along the sidewalk under the lamps of the parkway. ...
Toronto Union Station Building Night

Union Station building glows at night in the busy downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In busy downtown Toronto, Union Station's architecture glows from the evening lights. The towering columns and the archway of Union Station are displayed by the lights. Cars drive by leaving their headlights streaked in the street. The CN Tower and high ...
Toronto Stock Exhange In Financial District

A view looking up at the Toronto Stock Exchange along with other high rise buildings in the Financial District.

The modern architecture of high rise buildings in the Financial District. The high rises include the Toronto Stock Exchange building. This upward view shows the extreme height of the buildings in the Toronto-Dominion Centre. Toronto Stock Exchan ...
Old City Hall Architecture Toronto

The ornate details of the Old City Hall's architecture sits beside the simple lines of a modern glass building in downtown Toronto.

Toronto's Old City Hall is beautiful with its ornate architecture. The Old City Hall sits next to a modern glass building. The glass building's modern architecture is plain in its detail. Beautiful layers of stone of the city hall stand out to th ...
Victorian houses Kensington Market Toronto Ontario

Colorful funky shops occupy the Victorian style houses in Kensington Market in Toronto, Canada.

This colorful store is in the Kensington Market. Toronto's Victorian style homes are converted into stores. This funky bright blue shop displays many items for sale. Large area rugs hang outside of the store front. Funky shops in Victorian styl ...
Kensington Market Funky Shops Toronto

Victorian style houses are converted into colorful funky shops at the Kensington Market.

In the Kensington Market, Victorian style houses are changed into colorful funky shops. Red paint with yellow trim displays the Dancing Days shop. Black silhouettes of dancers are attached to the store front. Clothing hangs on the front of the sh ...
Chinatown Chinese Spice Display

A store displays of authentic Chinese herbs and spices are for sale in Chinatown.

Chinatown stores display their herbs and spices for sale. The displays have prices and Chinese letters written on pink labels. Authentic Chinese food is sold in Chinatown in the city of Toronto. Toronto's Chinatown is the largest in North America ...
Authentic Chinese Food Displays In Chinatown

Chinatown's stores display authentic Chinese food, herbs and spices for sale.

Located in the city of Toronto is Chinatown. A store in Chinatown displays authentic Chinese food, herbs and spices. People walk among the displays of the store. Each large barrel and bag have prices above them. Authentic Chinese foods / herbs / ...
Dundas Street sign Toronto

A colorful street sign for Dundas St E at the corner of Yonge and Dundas Streets in downtown Toronto.

A blue and white street sign for Dundas St E is attached to a large pole over a yellow stop light. The street sign is at the corner of Yonge and Dundas Streets in downtown Toronto. In colorful letters, Downtown Yonge is also written on the sign above Dun ...
Queens Wharf Shopping Centre Interior Toronto

This view of the interior of the Queen's Wharf Shopping Centre, Toronto shows many levels for shopping and office buildings.

The interior of the Queen's Wharf Shopping Centre shows the tiled floors and escalators. The interior reveals many levels of the mall. The shopping centre has not only shopping, but offices above. The shopping centre is located in downtown Toronto. Int ...

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