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Churchill Photos

Sleepy Bear Churchill

A sleepy looking Polar Bear decides to lay down on an ice mound in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

A Polar Bear decides that he is rather sleepy and rests on the remains of the ice that covers the landscape in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada. This sleepy bear gives us the opportune time to snap some pictures but one should always be aware that a ...
Polar Bears Tour Manitoba

While on a tour in Churchill, Manitoba we caught sight of two young Polar Bears having a friendly sparring match.

You never know what you will see Polar Bears doing in their natural environment while on a tour in Churchill, Manitoba. These two younger Polar Bears are having a friendly sparring match on the snow and ice covered tundra in Churchill. Polar Bear ...
Polar Bear Trio Manitoba

A Polar Bear trio decided to make their way into Churchill, Manitoba to see what they can find by this building.

When wandering around the town of Churchill, Manitoba do not be surprised if you cross paths with a Polar Bear or two as there are times that these bears are in search for food in town. This trio peacefully checks out the area around this buildin ...
Arctic Polar Bears

Three polar bears take time out on the cold Arctic tundra in the famous polar bear watching location of Churchill, Manitoba.

Polar Bears are arctic animals that love the cold, icy tundras of Churchill, Manitoba in Canada where these three decide to take a breather on their journey and blend in with the snowy land. The heart stopping icy waters around Churchill, Manitob ...
Polar Bears fighting Churchill

Two Polar Bears will spar to see who wins the war on the cold tundra in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

Whether these two Polar Bears are in the midst of a real war or whether they are just having a friendly wrestle is yet to be seen. When Polar Bears are playing it is a delight to watch but if a fierce war is happening the outcome is not a pretty ...
Bear Fight Churchill

Consider yourself lucky if you get to watch a Polar Bear fight in Churchill, Manitoba on the Polar Bear Adventure Tours.

One of these Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba will be the loser in this fight and will either walk away gracefully, seriously injured or the next meal for the winner. A Polar Bear fight usually breaks out because of a mating issue or over a foo ...
Polar Bear Bus Churchill Manitoba

A polar bear decides to look through the window of a tour bus in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

People on this tour bus get a close up look at a Polar Bear as he decides to sneak a peek through the window to see what is looking out at him. While Polar Bear watching in Churchill, Manitoba, you will not get any closer than this to a Polar Bea ...
Polar Bear Family Churchill

In a single file line, the mother Polar Bear shows the rest of her family the way in Churchill, Manitoba.

A Polar Bear family has the mother in the lead with her two cubs following closely behind as they cross the snow covered tundra in Churchill, Manitoba. The young Polar Bear at the end of the line keeps a close eye on us as we capture a family por ...

Winter time in Churchill, Manitoba is extremely cold and the plumage of the Ptarmigan changes to white.

As seasons change, so does the plumage of a Ptarmigan therefore always being camouflaged from any enemies. Their feathers moult from white in the winter and then brown in the spring or summer. The Ptarmigan resides on rocky mountainsides or tundr ...
Polar Bears Sparring Churchill

These polar bears seem to be having a small discussion before the sparring match begins in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

Churchill, Manitoba is the Polar Bear capital of the world and Tundra Buggy tours are an excellent way to see the Polar Bears in action. These two particular Polar Bears are about to begin a sparring match which is generally about mates and if yo ...
Polar Bear Statue Churchill

The symbol of Churchill are polar bears as shown with this statue in Manitoba, Canada.

Polar bear statue in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, North America. Please make sure to see our photo gallery Canada animals with more creatures from Canada and more polar bear pictures.
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